For those who feel ready for deep personal transformation:

For those who feel ready for deep personal transformation:

Want to get crystal clear on your life purpose and step into your highest potential?

Want to get crystal clear on your life purpose and step into your highest potential?

Penelope Ryder

I am grateful I found Simon and Raising Vibrations in December 2016. Prior to this I had been studying my chart on my own and through YouTube. 

I went on to do the Metamorphosis Program and experienced healthy changes in the way I was relating to myself and life. I also prior to this was looking at spirituality and found that I was bypassing deep trauma and needed help to decondition that which no longer served me. Through the study of my chart Simon showed me how I could evolve early trauma. 

Working with Simon brought clarity and I then went on to do the Evolutionary Astrology Course. The information provided and the way in which Simon teaches has now enabled me to assist others. This is deep work and I highly recommend this work and study. I have also used traditional psychoanalyst services and have found that in truth I have learned far more and made more progress due to the teaching of Simon.

Star Trace

Jennifer’s innate presence, wisdom, and profound ability to make Human Design accessible and digestible is such a blessing. It has already changed (and is changing) my life for the better. I have always deeply admired Raising Vibrations’ understanding and practical synthesis of Evolutionary Astrology to assist with our collective transformation, yet having said that, I feel Jenn is taking things to a whole new level with Human Design! She has opened doors and even dimensions within myself in ways I didn’t know was possible until now. 

She has helped me find and align with my own individual light. She has sparked something within my heart, my inner knowing, and my very essence unlike anything ever has. My path and way of being in the world has been validated in such profound, uncanny, and even jaw dropping ways.

 This course has been a silver lining to the dark storm clouds in my current circumstances, and even the cultural ones. I haven’t been this excited about anything.. ever. Prior to working with Jenn, I found HD to be unfamiliar and too overwhelming to take on – but not so after witnessing the way her unique essence unearths it. Likewise, her soft nature and composure along with her profound passion for this is something the world needs more of and something we need in the world. Being able to learn this material and work one on one with Jenn has been such a gift, truly. I’d even dare say from on high.

Adrienne Arno

Criminal Psychologist, writer & producer
I’ve explored many niches of astrology and consulted with some of the best in the business – and it’s Simon & Jenn of Raising Vibrations that I turn to first.

If you’re looking for crazy knowledgable, compassionate and easy to talk to teachers or consultants you’ve been guided to the right place – they’ve helped me understand so much about myself, my past and my patterns and been there for me professionally as I took those new understandings and made changes in my mindset & life that have not only put in into a more positive position in my internal life (my self worth, self esteem, it’s really made a HUGE improvement in my self-love- learning that it’s okay for me to treat myself the way I’d want someone to treat the person I love the most in my life was HUGE for me, personally)— the changes have also, absolutely extended into my physical reality and improved my relationship with my work, with my money, and my most important relationships. 

And what I most appreciate about the Raising Vibration’s Team is that they’ll be there to support you as you move from “thinking to knowing” as Simon has said. I so highly recommend this team, I’m so much happier and more in touch with my physical self thanks to the support they’ve provided to me in sessions and through their videos on YOUTUBE & Patreon.


I have worked with Simon on a regular basis since 2014, during a period of massive personal and professional change. My sessions with him have been the best investment I have ever made in working on my mental, emotional and spiritual health. He is so much more than an evolutionary astrologer. Simon is a kind, empathetic and compassionate listener and guide, drawing from his vast knowledge and passion for astrology, psychology, spirituality and nature. He has an intuitive understanding of the human condition and can very clearly articulate the soul’s journey without judgement or leading you to certain conclusions.

Working with Simon has truly been a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.
I am so very grateful to him for having been such a trusted guide and teacher on this journey and I would highly recommend working with him at any opportunity.

Camille Mucho

f I could give this impactful and incredibly illuminating experience with Jennifer “infinite stars” I would, and even that wouldn’t even due this course justice! Here are a few reasons why…

Have you ever longed for a deeper understanding of yourself? Or, to better understand your energetic/emotional/physical experience with yourself, others, and the world around you that can leave you feeling lost or unable to explain your experience in life? What about the fears that can define your experience or seem to be your greatest obstacles to overcome?

Then these are only a few reasons to partake on this journey to Self, guided by a truly brilliant and loving Soul. Jennifer wonderfully weaves beautifully curated content with her heart-centered wisdom as well as personal experiences to truly blow your mind (like really blow your mind), humor, and ease your heart. I not only feel better connected to my Self but also in my ability to engage in life with precision, a better understanding of others, and a deep sense of rekindled clarity with the world around me.

Words will never be able to express not only my gratitude but also my love to and for Jennifer. Forever in awe of you.

Monika Bravo

Just had my Human design reading with Jennifer Langstone Omg
Thank you so much!
Despite the fact and because I have studied HD, I wanted my design chart to be interpreted by an expert.
During the reading Jennifer confirmed, expanded and guided me deeply into what I have already experienced.

At the beginning of studying EA and thereafter when I dove into Hd, I wanted to find links and interpret the information similarly to astrology

Wrong! By combining these two methodologies one can complement and experience evolution from different perspectives. Yet they are two different animals .

During my reading we concentrated less on my type or strategy ( my request) and more on how I can make my body conscious of the road we chose with the spirit to drive this vessel this time.

Jen brought clarity and insight and I can’t wait to dive even further because along with metamorphosis with Simon this 2020 I am making it all about diving deep into my path


So I do recommend this combo wink wink 😉

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